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Introducing SkyBox, our free, cloud-based point-of-sale. SkyBox acts as the central hub for managing your tickets and allows you to take control of your profitability and manage your inventory from anywhere with an internet connection.

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At Vivid Seats, we don't just work to provide your listings with maximum exposure; we also give you a safe, personalized selling experience that's more user-friendly than any other ticket selling websites, regardless of the size of your inventory. Ready to take the next step?

Who Can Use SkyBox?

  • Large professional resellers
  • Individuals who buy and sell tickets part-time or full-time on multiple marketplaces
  • Season ticket holders who frequently resell unused tickets
  • Companies and corporations that own, manage, and sell ticket inventory

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Our Large Seller Program gives you the tools and support to reach your audience and maximize your sales potential. Fill out the form below and we'll have you enrolled in no time.

Hundreds of users already utilize SkyBox to optimize the way they sell their tickets. Are you ready to transform your business and join the revolution? Learn more, or sign up now with the form below!

Top 5 Reasons Our Users Love SkyBox

  • It's Free—Yes, you are reading this correctly. SkyBox is the industry's only FREE point-of-sale system. Let us provide you with the technology to simplify your business and allow you to focus on what's most important - selling tickets.
  • Eliminate Double Sales—Free direct integration with other marketplaces streamlines your inventory, allows instant download listings, and keeps listings in real-time.
  • Pricing Tools—State of the art pricing tools help our users make intelligent decisions when pricing their tickets.
  • Reporting—Access comprehensive reports to help you manage your profitability, customers and inventory.
  • Free Ticket Management Tools—Access to our growing suite of tools to help you buy and sell tickets seamlessly.

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Whether you're a professional reseller, corporation of any size with large amounts of season tickets, or an individual who sells tickets part-time, we have the right solutions for you.

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