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              Vivid Seats Debuts Inaugural National Advertising Campaign

              September 05, 2017 by Vivid Seats

              Ad Campaign

              We are very excited to announce the launch our inaugural national advertising campaign, “Find Your Seats,” which is designed to showcase the ease, convenience, and security available to fans using the Vivid Seats app to find tickets to their favorite live events. 

              The campaign features a who’s who of retired professional football and baseball players engaged in comical banter about finding their preferred seats and getting their corresponding tickets safely and conveniently.

              One advertisement focuses on retired NFL superstars Randy Moss and Charles Woodson as they discuss how Vivid Seats’ buying tools can help them easily find seats with a "wide open" view for an upcoming football game, all with the backing and support of Vivid Seats’ 100% Buyer Guarantee.

              In a second ad, retired world champion Mark Teixeira engages in a good-natured debate with fellow World Series winner David Ross to find the specific seats that best commemorate their pinnacle achievements and sporting event memories as they click through the wide selection of ticket choices available on the Vivid Seats app.

              The campaign will air across a wide variety of media outlets over the next several months. Keep an eye out for ads during high-profile matchups and events, or watch them in their entirety below. 

              We hope everyone enjoys the ads, and that they help remind all our fans to choose Vivid Seats to find seats to their next live event. Spread the word, share your favorite ad with friends and, of course, enjoy your event!

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